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reprogramming your existing gas boiler heating for your home Immersun Solar Controller

The Immersun will heat your hot water cylinder using your existing immersion heater

using only the surplus electricity from you PV generation.


If your PV system is generating say 3KW and your house is taking 1KW then instead of exporting the surplus energy, the Immersun uses it to heat your hot water cylinder. If your house demand increases to say 2KW then the output to the immersion heater would decrease to 1KW.

We will reprogramme your existing gas boiler timer so that the boiler is used only to provide top up heat in the evening. This ensures that your cylinder reaches a minimum of 60oC and thus prevents the risk of Legionella.


The Immersun comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Install an Immersun Solar Controller in your home. Call 07921 162 487

The Immersun provides variable power to your existing immersion heater.


As the amount of Export generation is "deemed" at 50% then you will still receive Export Tariff for the 50% of your generated electricity that you will have used for heating your water.


This results in an increased Return On Investment.

There's no need for a new boiler

Save money whilst heating your home

We can install solar panels and the Immersun into your home so that you have the complete self sufficient home package. Would you like a free quote? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

Receive the complete installation

Mack Solar are registered installers of the Immersun Solar Controller.

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